Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BADGERY, Harrie Matcham Pitt  07 Apr 1881Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I3823
2 BURGE, Winifred M   I16185
3 CAMERON, Jeffrey Duncan  1914Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I8305
4 FIELD, Sadie Mavis  1913Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I4885
5 FIELD, Sybil Julia  1918Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I4887
6 GAWTHORNE, Violet S   I8307
7 HALLSTROM, Esme Elliott   I10751
8 HALLSTROM, John Edward  15 Apr 1915Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I10732
9 HALLSTROM, Thelma Jean   I10742
10 HYDE, Roy Charles  1918Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I7733
11 MCGUIRK, Sandra Gai   I24028
12 MURTON, Agnes Theodora  1885Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I4108
13 NEWELL, Paul Thomas   I34134
14 NOAD, Athol H   I16395
15 NOAD, James B   I16394
16 NOAD, Jessie M  1914Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I16393
17 STUTCHBURY, Harold James  May 1884Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I8790
18 VOSS, Susan Ruth   I32570
19 WAUGH, Sandra Anne   I14417
20 WELCH, John St Vincent  1881Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I15308


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DENT, Phyllis Gwen  19 May 1948Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I25209
2 FIELD, Elizabeth Maria  04 Jul 1936Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I1269
3 FIELD, Ena Statia Gladys  28 Sep 1981Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I2848
4 FRANCIS, John Henry  04 Aug 2001Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I27945
5 GILLAN, Anastasia Camillus  04 Jun 1949Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I2771
6 HARDY, Charlotte Margaret  02 Sep 1924Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I37097
7 HEWEN, Joseph Melville  12 Jun 1931Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I14707
8 KENT, Emma  11 Jul 1941Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I35823
9 KENT, Rose  1909Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I35822
10 LEES, Mary  29 Mar 1925Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I21121
11 MORRIS, George  27 Aug 1911Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I16712
12 MORRIS, William Bond  08 Nov 1918Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I16708
13 NOAD, James Jethro  23 Aug 1938Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I12730
14 ROCKLIFF, John  1941Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I25552
15 TOMPSON, Jane D  1908Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia I17114


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1925Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F241
2 BAKER / WREN   F3161
3 BUTCHERS / HANCOCK  03 Apr 1924Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F5297
4 CAFE / GAWTHORNE  1916Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F3275
5 CHEETHAM / HANCOCK  1940Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F5300
6 COMERFORD / WILLIAMSON  1926Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F1512
7 DAWES / WILLIAMS  1928Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F12471
8 EVANS / FIELD  1933Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F1436
9 FIELD / JOHNSON  1935Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F2063
10 FIELD / JOHNSON  1938Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F2065
11 FIELD / RALPH   F10917
12 FIELD / SHEA  1934Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F1980
13 FOWLER / FIELD  1936Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F2064
14 GIFFORD / FIELD  08 Dec 1934Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F1392
17 L'ESTRANGE / POTTER  1883Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F6774
18 MAUND / ROBB  1886Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F11540
21 PALMER / SUTTON  26 May 1928Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F6519
22 RAWSTHORNE / DEMPSTER  1950Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F1630
23 SHORTUS / SUTTON  19 Oct 1927Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F6520
24 STRACHAN / STRANEY  1925Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F11749
26 TURNER / FLACK   F7131
27 YOUNG / CARPENTER  1926Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia F4392