Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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Inverell, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AITCHISON, Jennifer Clare   I12456
2 AITCHISON, Michael John   I12458
3 AITCHISON, Odette   I12459
4 AITCHISON, Robert John   I12454
5 ATKINSON, Annalise Skye   I34878
6 BANHAM, David Francis   I34145
7 BANHAM, Helen Marguerite  15 Sep 1958Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I34144
8 BANHAM, Peter Leonard   I34143
9 BLANCH, Adam John  11 Mar 1972Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I12464
10 BLANCH, Rowan Scott   I12465
11 BLANCH, Russell Evatt   I12463
12 BURT, Timothy Luke   I17924
13 CANNEN, Bradley John   I12462
14 CANNEN, Samantha Anne   I12461
15 CARROLL, Ethel Maud  04 Dec 1881Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1040
16 COX, Raymond Charles   I34233
17 FELL, Constance J  1904Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I15481
18 FELL, Dorothy  1907Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I15482
19 FELL, Harry K  1914Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I15483
20 FELL, Jack J B  1900Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I15480
21 HAYDEN, Herbert David  24 Jun 1885Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I36873
22 HOEY, Ada  1874Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I15479
23 MOSS, Evelyne  08 Nov 1910Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1042
24 NASH, Basil Edward  10 Jun 1909Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10659
25 NASH, Elizabeth V  19 Jan 1908Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10657
26 NASH, Ernest Edwin  12 Aug 1876Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10655
27 NASH, Esther  1879Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10654
28 NASH, James William  1875Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10685
29 NASH, John Samuel  1873Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10686
30 NASH, Pearl Isobel Naomi  18 Aug 1912Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10664
31 NASH, Peter Ernest  26 Sep 1910Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10663
32 NASH, Samuel Roland  1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10653
33 NASH, Walter Alwyn  1877Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10687
34 O'BRIEN, Brenda Anne   I12457
35 OPPY, Kaitlyn Maree   I10847
36 PENFOLD, Jeanette Edith   I21273
37 PENFOLD, Richard Lyall  04 Aug 1929Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21272
38 SKINNER, Sidney Clyde  06 Nov 1881Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I36610
39 SUTTIE, George David  1913Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I4377
40 WALLACE, Rita  13 Jun 1909Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16757
41 WARRINGTON, Elsie May  1885Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16494
42 WARRINGTON, Eva Frances  15 Oct 1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16493
43 WARRINGTON, Maria L  1887Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16495
44 WARRINGTON, Ruby May  09 Aug 1892Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16496
45 WILLIAMS, Irene Daphne  1904Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I7894


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AITCHISON, Thomas Henry  01 Jul 1979Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I12444
2 AITCHISON, William Ford  02 Jun 1944Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I12441
3 AITCHISON, William John  14 Jul 1971Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I12443
4 BROOKS, Mary Rebecca  1925Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I33874
5 FINN, John Henry  03 Apr 1916Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I35409
6 LOUAT, Leon Philibert  1918Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I14182
7 NASH, Esther  1926Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10654
8 NASH, George  16 Sep 1870Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I8773
9 NASH, George Henry  1903Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10648
10 NASH, John  1892Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10644
11 NASH, John Samuel  1875Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10686
12 NASH, Samuel  1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I10646
13 NASH, Sarah  16 Jan 1935Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16477
14 PENFOLD, Frank Lyall  13 Jul 1952Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I18170
15 REES, Adeline  1933Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I18095
16 RILEY, Amelia Evelyn  22 Nov 1960Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I12431
17 WILLMOTT, Wilfred  1941Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I18110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LEES, Mary  06 Jan 1877Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I8765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WARRINGTON, Elsie May  1885Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16494


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
4 FELL / HOEY  1899Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F6249
5 HAYDEN / VICKERY  1907Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F12461
6 LOUAT / CHAPPEL  1915Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1880
7 LOVE / WOODBURY  Apr 1875Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F6633
8 OPPY / HARRIS   F4668
10 SKINNER / WARRINGTON  1904Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F12351
11 VILE / STAFFORD   F3229
13 WARRINGTON / NASH  1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F5682
14 WASSON / AITCHISON  1934Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F5191