Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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Buxted, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARRETT, Mary  1749Buxted, Sussex, England I12268
2 COLBRAN, Ann  1788Buxted, Sussex, England I31302
3 COLBRAN, Barbara  1752Buxted, Sussex, England I31297
4 COLBRAN, Barbara  1779Buxted, Sussex, England I31300
5 COLBRAN, David  1790Buxted, Sussex, England I31303
6 COLBRAN, Edward  1748Buxted, Sussex, England I31296
7 COLBRAN, Edward  16 Oct 1774Buxted, Sussex, England I11609
8 COLBRAN, Elizabeth  1743Buxted, Sussex, England I31294
9 COLBRAN, Elizabeth  1784Buxted, Sussex, England I31301
10 COLBRAN, Hannah  1741Buxted, Sussex, England I31293
11 COLBRAN, Hannah  1792Buxted, Sussex, England I31304
12 COLBRAN, John  11 Feb 1745Buxted, Sussex, England I5528
13 COLBRAN, John  1780Buxted, Sussex, England I12266
14 COLBRAN, Lucy  1822Buxted, Sussex, England I31327
15 COLBRAN, Mary  1744Buxted, Sussex, England I31295
16 COLBRAN, Mary  May 1776Buxted, Sussex, England I31299
17 COLBRAN, Mary Martin  1817Buxted, Sussex, England I12269
18 COLBRAN, Thomas  1786Buxted, Sussex, England I12267
19 COLBRAN, Thomas  1814Buxted, Sussex, England I31317
20 COLBRAN, William  1782Buxted, Sussex, England I11783
21 COLBRAN, William C  23 Oct 1838Buxted, Sussex, England I565
22 DADSWELL, Edward  1811Buxted, Sussex, England I37112
23 DADSWELL, Edward  1822Buxted, Sussex, England I31324
24 DADSWELL, Elizabeth  1806Buxted, Sussex, England I37109
25 DADSWELL, Hannah  1813Buxted, Sussex, England I37164
26 DADSWELL, Robert  1824Buxted, Sussex, England I31325
27 DADSWELL, William  1807Buxted, Sussex, England I37110
28 DADSWELL, William Charles  24 Jul 1773Buxted, Sussex, England I37152
29 MANN, Edwin  1853Buxted, Sussex, England I31329
30 VRIDGE, Hannah  1724Buxted, Sussex, England I12294
31 WILMHURST, Elizabeth Colbran  1817Buxted, Sussex, England I37146
32 WILMHURST, Hannah  Jul 1799Buxted, Sussex, England I37148
33 WILMHURST, John  1801Buxted, Sussex, England I37107
34 WILMHURST, Mary Anne  1805Buxted, Sussex, England I37108
35 WILMHURST, Robert  1775Buxted, Sussex, England I37161
36 WILMHURST, Thomas  27 May 1803Buxted, Sussex, England I37168
37 WILMHURST, William W.  07 Mar 1808Buxted, Sussex, England I37131
38 WILMSHURST, Jemima  1780Buxted, Sussex, England I31305
39 WOOD, Barbara  1680Buxted, Sussex, England I12296


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARRETT, Mary  12 Jan 1842Buxted, Sussex, England I12268
2 COLBRAN, Edward  16 May 1864Buxted, Sussex, England I11609
3 COLBRAN, Hannah  1850Buxted, Sussex, England I31304
4 COLBRAN, John  Mar 1842Buxted, Sussex, England I5528
5 COLBRAN, John  29 Apr 1866Buxted, Sussex, England I12266
6 COLBRAN, Mary  22 Jun 1813Buxted, Sussex, England I31299
7 COLBRAN, William  03 Mar 1875Buxted, Sussex, England I11783
8 DADSWELL, William Charles  07 Jan 1849Buxted, Sussex, England I37152
9 WILMSHURST, Jemima  14 Dec 1820Buxted, Sussex, England I31305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLBRAN, William  20 Feb 1812Buxted, Sussex, England I11608


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CARRETT, Mary  1841Buxted, Sussex, England I12268
2 COLBRAN, Edward  1841Buxted, Sussex, England I11609
3 COLBRAN, Edward  1861Buxted, Sussex, England I11609


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLBRAN / BAILEY  21 Oct 1837Buxted, Sussex, England F4899
2 COLBRAN / CARRETT  02 Jan 1773Buxted, Sussex, England F2576
3 COLBRAN / WILMSHURST  29 Mar 1806Buxted, Sussex, England F5110
4 COLBRAND / VRIDGE  03 May 1741Buxted, Sussex, England F3551
6 DADSWELL / COLBRAN  23 Jun 1821Buxted, Sussex, England F10709
7 MANN / COLBRAN  07 Nov 1839Buxted, Sussex, England F5111
8 MARTIN / COLBRAN  15 Jan 1844Buxted, Sussex, England F10714
10 WILMHURST / COLBRAN  26 Mar 1799Buxted, Sussex, England F12583