Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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Gosford, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Christina   I18443
2 ANDERSON, Lisa Gai   I27563
3 ANDREWS, Daniel Raymond   I11223
4 ANDREWS, Timothy Peter   I11224
5 AUBREY, Alex Dale   I27561
6 AUBREY, Anne Catherine   I27579
7 AUBREY, Christine   I27553
8 AUBREY, Christopher Glenn   I27555
9 AUBREY, Craig John   I27552
10 AUBREY, Dale Robert   I27550
11 AUBREY, Danielle Louise   I27556
12 AUBREY, Glenn Allan   I27549
13 AUBREY, Harry Walter   I27560
14 AUBREY, Helena Kristen   I27562
15 AUBREY, Jack Craig   I27566
16 AUBREY, Karen June   I27551
17 BARLOW, Kylie Anne   I31866
18 BARLOW, Ross Lloyd   I31863
19 BEISLER, Mary Elizabeth Kaltwasser  01 Dec 1858Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I31109
20 BOYLE, Robert Norman   I23403
21 BURGESS, Jasmine Irene   I33995
22 BURGESS, Rhyner Lindsay   I33996
23 CASEY, Leeane Gaye   I30590
24 COLLITS, Daniel Robert   I9423
25 COLLITS, Gabrielle Mary   I6481
26 COLLITS, Kimberly Jane   I9426
27 COLLITS, Loren Mary   I9425
28 COLLITS, Matthew James   I9424
29 COLLITS, Mavourna Mary   I6474
30 COLLITS, Paul Gerard   I6476
31 CURTIS, Alison Margaret   I26477
32 DOWDELL, Unnamed   I34288
33 ELBOURNE, Mark   I31851
34 ELBOURNE, Scott   I31850
35 FITZGERALD, Clifford Frank  1917Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I7762
36 FITZGERALD, Eda Loretta  22 Feb 1915Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I7763
37 FITZGERALD, Frederick Clare  16 Jun 1911Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I7759
38 FITZGERALD, Henry George  1913Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I7765
39 FOGARTY, Dean Alfred Leo   I11231
40 FOGARTY, Shane Alister   I11229
41 FOGARTY, Trina Helen May   I11230
42 GIBBS, David John   I31871
43 GIBBS, Emily May   I31870
44 GIBBS, James Thomas   I31872
45 HANNAN, Mark Robert   I32071
46 HUNTINGTON, Wendy   I18444
47 IZZARD, Isabella Ann  25 Dec 1856Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I16690
48 MARGIN, Charles Lloyd   I27571
49 MARGIN, George Maxwell   I27572
50 MATHESON, Bethany Jean   I23464

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARCHER, John Joseph Roy  06 Dec 1982Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I36978
2 BEASLEY, Hilda Margaret  16 Jun 2000Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I13104
3 CARPENTER, Reginal James  10 Jan 2007Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I37158
4 COLLITS, Leo Claude  17 Feb 1977Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I6470
5 CUBIS, Elizabeth  1902Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I35595
6 CUNYNGHAME, Lewis Roy  24 Dec 1960Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I20253
7 CURRAN, Albert Hugh  1959Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I30937
8 ELLIOTT, Essie Eveline  15 Jul 1941Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I20792
9 FOGARTY, Leo Ignatious  09 Jul 1987Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I3092
10 FRASER, Edwin William Arthur  1967Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I28404
11 HALL, William Albert  30 Jun 1932Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I3788
12 HYDE, Roy Charles  11 May 1986Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I7733
13 HYSLOP, Esma Alice  01 May 1976Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I25522
14 IZZARD, Isabella Ann  1946Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I16690
15 IZZARD, Thomas  21 Nov 1888Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I35594
16 MCGOWAN, Bertha Olivette  14 Jun 1977Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I22021
17 MORRIS, Albert Cecil  1968Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I32862
18 MORRIS, Bertie Edwin  1965Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I32863
19 MORRIS, Frederick Charles  02 Jan 1966Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I16691
20 MORRIS, William George  1915Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I16689
21 MOSS, Gwenyth E  1980Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I37134
22 ROBBIE, James Alexander  1972Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I35001
23 STOKES, Hugh Kerrison  02 Apr 1935Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I21213
24 TOMPSON, Caroline H  1922Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I17115
25 WAUGH, Lawrence  17 Sep 2001Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I6087
26 WILSON, Leonard Raymond  04 Oct 1954Gosford, New South Wales, Australia I8657


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
5 DAVIS / PATON   F429
6 FIELD / GILLAN  1915Gosford, New South Wales, Australia F1394