Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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Cowra, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 NEWHAM, Claude Joseph  1907Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I23337
102 NEWHAM, Colin Robert   I14997
103 NEWHAM, Edna Muriel   I14986
104 NEWHAM, Richard   I14991
105 NEWHAM, Sophie Christene  1890Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1729
106 OVENS, Margaret  16 Mar 1902Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I6468
107 OVENS, Vera Mary  02 Dec 1900Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I6467
108 PATON, Annette Maree   I20073
109 PATON, Colleen Fay  12 Feb 1944Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I20061
110 PATON, Grace Matilda  Jun 1875Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I15527
111 PATON, Helen Ethel  02 Apr 1912Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I15534
112 PATON, Herbert Ernest  04 Aug 1876Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I15528
113 PATON, Janet Catherine  24 Jun 1873Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I15526
114 PATON, Leslie Ernest  08 Dec 1909Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I15533
115 PATON, Nigel Glen   I20074
116 PATON, Richard John   I20072
117 PATON, Robyn Kay   I20062
118 PATON, Roy Allan  16 Apr 1916Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I15537
119 PATON, Walter James  05 Oct 1871Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I15525
120 PAULL, Ada  1890Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I28493
121 POLLETT, Ralph William Edward  27 Feb 1914Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I33519
122 RAWSTHORNE, Kelvin John   I611
123 RAWSTHORNE, Roy  08 Dec 1913Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I160
124 RAWSTHORNE, Stella  23 Apr 1910Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I162
125 RICE, Cecil Harry  1894Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1103
126 RICE, Edith Amelia  18 Nov 1891Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1092
127 RICE, Francis William Hubert  20 May 1893Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1097
128 RICE, John Fredrick  14 Jun 1888Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1073
129 RICE, Marjorie Ellen  29 Sep 1886Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1063
130 RICE, Mary Ann  09 Apr 1882Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1052
131 RICE, Robert Vincent  30 May 1890Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1085
132 ROOTS, Gwenyth Ree   I20120
133 RUSSELL, Elizabeth Maude  1888Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I1725
134 RYAN, Irene Mary  03 Mar 1901Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I8175
135 SHAW, Craig Allen   I20080
136 SHAW, Glen Michael   I20079
137 STARR, Lavinia  1889Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I23623
138 THOMPSON, Eunice Mary   I8065
139 THOMPSON, Grant Raymond   I29611
140 THOMPSON, Leonard Rex   I12281
141 THOMPSON, Lois Elva   I8067
142 THOMPSON, Percy Allan   I360
143 THOMS, Rosetta  19 Jul 1892Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I37353
144 TINDALL, Alma Rose  1910Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I32666
145 TINDALL, Frances Jane  07 Feb 1871Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I3610
146 TINDALL, John  14 Apr 1847Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I14021
147 TINDALL, Una Phyllis  Apr 1907Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I32663
148 TINDALL, Una S  1912Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I32670
149 TINDALL, Vera Marjorie Grace  Oct 1908Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I32664
150 WALSH, Ronald John  14 Aug 1916Cowra, New South Wales, Australia I3102

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