Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Mary Ellen  1874New South Wales, Australia I37088
2 BAKER, Roy Robert  Abt 1900New South Wales, Australia I6040
3 BARTER, James  1850New South Wales, Australia I36072
4 BEDFORD, Thomas William  1843New South Wales, Australia I36600
5 BLISSETT, Clare  1867New South Wales, Australia I36058
6 BOSS, Emily Emeline  1850New South Wales, Australia I36355
7 COLBRAN, William  17 Apr 1891New South Wales, Australia I16674
8 COLLITS, Elizabeth  1884New South Wales, Australia I3385
9 COLLITS, Mary  1821New South Wales, Australia I18033
10 COLLITS, Patricia Ann  1931New South Wales, Australia I9364
11 COLLITS, Thomas  1886New South Wales, Australia I1971
12 COOLEY, Karen   I34769
13 DOALMAN, Benjamin  06 Dec 1845New South Wales, Australia I37222
14 ELECOFF, George Edward  21 Apr 1925New South Wales, Australia I12785
15 ELSON, Gloria Veronique  Abt 1914New South Wales, Australia I36871
16 FORRESTER, Cecil John  1891New South Wales, Australia I21961
17 GIBSON, Victor Stanmore George  Oct 1906New South Wales, Australia I20853
18 HANLEY, Peter   I34760
19 HOAD, Rex  1925New South Wales, Australia I9368
20 HOOD, Robert William  13 Nov 1844New South Wales, Australia I15493
21 HOPE, William  1867New South Wales, Australia I36057
22 HUGHES, Elizabeth Esther  1844New South Wales, Australia I35276
23 HUNT, Maureen  03 Nov 1947New South Wales, Australia I37275
24 HUNT, Peter  26 Jan 1950New South Wales, Australia I37274
25 KITTO, Mary Elizabeth  03 Nov 1940New South Wales, Australia I13483
26 KNOX, Margaret Zella  1957New South Wales, Australia I30647
27 LEES, Bernice Ann  14 Jul 1893New South Wales, Australia I22615
28 LEES, Bertha May  06 Jan 1891New South Wales, Australia I22613
29 LEES, Henry Thomas Gorman  25 Mar 1889New South Wales, Australia I22611
30 LEWIS, Dulcie Effie Pretoria  08 Jul 1914New South Wales, Australia I20857
31 LONG, Ronald E  1906New South Wales, Australia I36874
32 LYNCH, Catherine Mary  1860New South Wales, Australia I35078
33 MERRICK, Ronald Joseph  Abt 1920New South Wales, Australia I36112
34 MORRIS, Charles  04 Dec 1810New South Wales, Australia I16722
35 MOXON, Joyce Mary Magdalene  Abt 1924New South Wales, Australia I36955
36 O'SHEE, Eileen Marion  1910New South Wales, Australia I6035
37 O'SULLIVAN, Frances Mary  1939New South Wales, Australia I34668
38 RUTLEDGE, Arthur Percy Hastings  14 May 1871New South Wales, Australia I12796
39 SMITH, Joseph  1869New South Wales, Australia I25595
40 SMITH, Lorna Goodson  12 Aug 1919New South Wales, Australia I35901
41 SMITH, Sylvia Joyce  19 Dec 1916New South Wales, Australia I35903
42 SMITH, Valda Kentwell  31 Dec 1918New South Wales, Australia I35902
43 STOKES, Robert Sydney  16 Sep 1853New South Wales, Australia I8787
44 STRANEY, Valerie Heather  10 Mar 1928New South Wales, Australia I12159
45 TREASURE, Eleanora  01 Nov 1889New South Wales, Australia I37081
46 WHILEY, Marie  09 Jan 1849New South Wales, Australia I35118
47 WILKINSON, Jack John  Abt 1913New South Wales, Australia I4267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 STEWART, Alice Jane  08 Jun 1847New South Wales, Australia I8938
2 STEWART, Maria Catherine  14 Nov 1944New South Wales, Australia I8784


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLPORT, Robert  20 Nov 1919New South Wales, Australia I28426
2 ANNESLEY, Emanuel Henry  05 Dec 1939New South Wales, Australia I3581
3 BARTER, James  1932New South Wales, Australia I36072
4 BELL, Loreen Alice  Feb 2010New South Wales, Australia I6652
5 BOURKE, Victor Joseph  1978New South Wales, Australia I23342
6 CAMPBELL, George Robert  1980New South Wales, Australia I4158
7 CHALMERS, Elizabeth  1904New South Wales, Australia I30102
8 COCKS, George Whitehouse  26 Oct 1952New South Wales, Australia I37086
9 COLLITS, Mary  1826New South Wales, Australia I18033
10 COLLITS, Wilhelmina Kathleen  26 Aug 1968New South Wales, Australia I2688
11 DAWSON, Grace Octavia  New South Wales, Australia I3752
12 ELECOFF, George Edward  05 Mar 1987New South Wales, Australia I12785
13 ELLIOTT, Albert  18 Apr 1935New South Wales, Australia I1711
14 FIELD, Mary Ann  17 Feb 1941New South Wales, Australia I1273
15 FIELD, Nola Margaret  29 Apr 1984New South Wales, Australia I4131
16 HALEY, Phyllis Isobel  02 May 1996New South Wales, Australia I30085
17 HENNESSEY, Patrick Edward  14 Jul 1975New South Wales, Australia I22627
18 HONEYSETT, Ruby May  04 Oct 1974New South Wales, Australia I7081
19 HUNT, Peter  17 Feb 1972New South Wales, Australia I37274
20 KELLY, Nena Mary  19 Jul 2004New South Wales, Australia I6786
21 KITTO, Harley Malcolm  Sep 1997New South Wales, Australia I6653
22 KITTO, Mary Elizabeth  25 May 1981New South Wales, Australia I13483
23 LANGFORD, Albert H  1980New South Wales, Australia I149
24 LEES, Esther  01 Feb 1887New South Wales, Australia I35974
25 LEWIS, Dorothy Elizabeth  21 Jul 1983New South Wales, Australia I2676
26 LOVE, Gladys Isabell Jack  1999New South Wales, Australia I16349
27 LUHRMANN, William Frederick  New South Wales, Australia I16309
28 MACKESON, Henry Charles Joseph  Jun 1964New South Wales, Australia I22022
29 MAITLAND, Ernest Leslie  1889New South Wales, Australia I30101
30 MALING, Lillian A  1977New South Wales, Australia I14083
31 MANSELL, Ivy Irene Lee  15 Oct 1977New South Wales, Australia I1912
32 MORRIS, Eric Arthur  1976New South Wales, Australia I2932
33 MORRIS, Victor James  1978New South Wales, Australia I2935
34 NEAVE, Charles Edward  1980New South Wales, Australia I28478
35 O'HEHIR, Honora  20 Jun 1894New South Wales, Australia I3388
36 O'ROURKE, Thomas Joseph  22 May 1996New South Wales, Australia I19585
37 OVENS, John  12 Jun 1890New South Wales, Australia I3387
38 PARTRIDGE, Herbert Neil Philmore  1943New South Wales, Australia I2996
39 PATON, Henry George  20 Mar 1978New South Wales, Australia I16952
40 PATTERSON, John Benedict  15 Jan 2000New South Wales, Australia I37078
41 PEMBROKE, Gertrude Potts  1950New South Wales, Australia I15476
42 PURCELL, James  1930New South Wales, Australia I7306
43 RAWSTHORNE, Clarice Victoria  Sep 1989New South Wales, Australia I110
44 SCIFLEET, Rubena Mary Ann  02 May 1968New South Wales, Australia I7448
45 SKEEN, Sarah Victoria  1847New South Wales, Australia I858
46 SMITH, Reginald Francis  20 Mar 1991New South Wales, Australia I25596
47 TIERNEY, Bernard  2007New South Wales, Australia I36915
48 WHITEHALL, Thomas A  1950New South Wales, Australia I37100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FERRIS, Herbert Franklin  New South Wales, Australia I9633
2 STRANEY, Henry Robert  New South Wales, Australia I284


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 COLE, Mary Ann  23 Aug 1841New South Wales, Australia I36582
2 COULDWELL, Seth William  03 Sep 1883New South Wales, Australia I35046
3 FAIREST, Martha  03 Sep 1883New South Wales, Australia I35047
4 FIELD, Elizabeth  New South Wales, Australia I797
5 OWERS, Caroline  31 Oct 1854New South Wales, Australia I12755
6 YOUNG, Ann  07 1838New South Wales, Australia I36740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 RAVENSCROFT, Susannah  24 Jun 1804New South Wales, Australia I1311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Thomas  New South Wales, Australia I35359
2 COLBRAN, John Michael  New South Wales, Australia I30838
3 COLLITS, Pierce  01 Jan 1840New South Wales, Australia I368
4 COOPER, Edward  1849New South Wales, Australia I16201
5 COULDWELL, Seth William  1883New South Wales, Australia I35046
6 FAIREST, Martha  1883New South Wales, Australia I35047
7 FIELD, Edward  30 Jun 1845New South Wales, Australia I790
8 HUNT, Henry W  New South Wales, Australia I37208
9 ILES, Caroline  1849New South Wales, Australia I16202
10 SCOON, Agnes  1854New South Wales, Australia I36060
11 WEBB, Sarah Ann  New South Wales, Australia I36493

Wilkinson children born Sydney. Rest born Hunter Valley.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Wilkinson children born Sydney. Rest born Hunter Valley.    Person ID 
1 WILKINSON, James Elias  1889New South Wales, Australia I35886


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / COCKS  1938New South Wales, Australia F12570
2 COLEMAN / LEE  1866New South Wales, Australia F12103
3 DIXON / BOXWELL   F12070
5 HARDING / BOXWELL  1909New South Wales, Australia F12072
6 KENT / TREASURE  02 Mar 1910New South Wales, Australia F12550
7 MERRICK / RUSSELL  24 Dec 1791New South Wales, Australia F11621
8 NEAL / MYERS  Abt 1955New South Wales, Australia F12455
9 PERRY / EKHARDT  1843New South Wales, Australia F9936
10 PURCELL / LYNCH  1881New South Wales, Australia F11773
11 SMITH / PETCH   F12075
12 WARD / RICHARDSON  1924New South Wales, Australia F12690