Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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Randwick, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Pamela Drysdale   I6406
2 BOAZ, Edith Eliza  16 Dec 1883Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I4073
3 BOLOT, Garith   I18460
4 CRITCHLEY, Matilda Eliza   I21779
5 FIELD, Connor Edward Shelton   I29245
6 GAWNE, Judith   I19808
7 GILL, Tallis Isabel   I32101
8 HYDE, Evelyn F  1912Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I15440
9 HYDE, Sidney Lawrence  1914Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I9615
10 HYDE, Victor F   I15441
11 MCALPIN, Brett Morgan   I32021
12 PALMER, Martha Alice  04 Feb 1898Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I4162
13 RUTLEDGE, Edgar Bruce  1905Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I4074
14 STUTCHBURY, Alice Mary  13 Sep 1869Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I8889
15 STUTCHBURY, Annie Isabel  1873Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I8891
16 STUTCHBURY, Marie Edna  25 Jan 1890Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I8896
17 WANT, Zara  11 Jan 1909Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I5877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Mary Alice  13 Jan 1954Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I2235
2 BANHAM, Frances Linda  07 Aug 1995Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I2438
3 BOAZ, Henry Ernest  13 Feb 1928Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I34931
4 COLEMAN, Albert Sidney  1952Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I6927
5 COLLITS, Dudley Vincent  21 Apr 1943Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I2694
6 DOUGLAS, Kenneth Orr  01 Jun 1989Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I2439
7 HIGGINS, Catherine  26 Jul 1922Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I1176
8 HOLLOWS, Frederick Cossom  10 Feb 1993Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I34670
9 KELLY, John  1930Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I24303
10 MORGAN, Alice Edith  1944Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I7860
11 MORRIS, Augustus  23 Aug 1948Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I2944
12 MORRIS, Sophia Jane  1935Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I2109
13 NASH, Walter Alwyn  13 Jun 1970Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I10687
14 NEBE, Leonie Norma  03 Aug 1965Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I23987
15 PARKES, Cecil P  12 Sep 1931Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I25337
16 PEACOCK, Martin William  16 Jan 1936Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I7355
17 RANDALL, Edith Maude  08 Mar 1954Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I6909
18 ROBINSON, Hardie  23 Jun 1946Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I16400
19 STRANEY, Henry Robert  08 Aug 1932Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I284
20 SULLY, Sarah Ann  1944Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I34476
21 THORLEY, Alfred James  06 Jun 1956Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I28587
22 TRESSIDER, Thomas Edward  26 Feb 1960Randwick, New South Wales, Australia I34106


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / SHINNICK  1937Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F6072
2 AUSTIN / HENDERSON  30 Oct 1926Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F2999
3 BASSETT / WALLER  1927Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F2191
4 CATTON / YOUNG  1914Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F8821
5 COKER / DOUGLAS   F10195
6 DENT / ANNELLS  15 Oct 1938Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F12477
7 DICK / STEVENSON  1933Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F2979
8 DOYLE / FIELD  1926Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F2409
9 HILL / KING   F10675
10 LEWIS / PRITCHARD  1936Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F11282
11 MCQUEEN / PRICE   F2835
12 MORRIS / KELLY  1928Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F1474
13 MURRAY / RYAN   F7628
14 PENFOLD / STUTCHBURY  16 Feb 1893Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F4022
16 RUTLEDGE / HYDE   F1895
17 VON NIDA / HOY   F8924
18 WATERS / DICK  27 Jun 1936Randwick, New South Wales, Australia F2990