Genealogy of the Rawsthorne, Collits, Lees, Morris, Field, Straney and Colbran families
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Trundle, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Stanley  15 May 1922Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4621
2 BAKER, Daphne Edith   I29456
3 BAKER, Merlean Ivy   I29457
4 BENNETT, Ivy Jean  07 Jun 1929Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I19072
5 BEUZEVILLE, Allen Marshall   I19073
6 BEUZEVILLE, Alma Edna  30 Apr 1916Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4562
7 BEUZEVILLE, Blanche Victoria May  1905Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4537
8 BEUZEVILLE, Bonnie Ivy  1922Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4548
9 BEUZEVILLE, Cecil Lance  19 Mar 1927Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4554
10 BEUZEVILLE, Christine May  08 Jan 1957Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I29614
11 BEUZEVILLE, Dudley Norman  21 Dec 1909Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4541
12 BEUZEVILLE, Gladys Sophia  1919Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4546
13 BEUZEVILLE, Grace   I4550
14 BEUZEVILLE, Hazel   I4552
15 BEUZEVILLE, Jan-Maree   I19088
16 BEUZEVILLE, Joseph Edward  31 Aug 1922Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4580
17 BEUZEVILLE, Joseph Edward Roy   I19086
18 BEUZEVILLE, Josephine May   I19051
19 BEUZEVILLE, Julie Marsha   I19031
20 BEUZEVILLE, Kathryn Mary   I19063
21 BEUZEVILLE, Lachlan Arthur   I4581
22 BEUZEVILLE, Leila Elizabeth   I26736
23 BEUZEVILLE, Lindsay Marshall  29 Aug 1907Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4539
24 BEUZEVILLE, Lorraine Suzanne   I22675
25 BEUZEVILLE, Margaret  1943Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I33827
26 BEUZEVILLE, Marjory Gertrude  20 Mar 1915Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4544
27 BEUZEVILLE, Michael Trevor   I19087
28 BEUZEVILLE, Robyn   I19038
29 BEUZEVILLE, Ruth Elvina  14 Apr 1911Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4542
30 BEUZEVILLE, Suzanne Kathleen   I19052
31 BEUZEVILLE, Trevor Wilfred   I4583
32 BEUZEVILLE, Valda Maud  15 Mar 1939Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I26684
33 BURTON, Esther Emaline  1884Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I5166
34 ELLIS, Aileen May   I17592
35 ELLIS, John Kevin   I17593
36 ELLIS, Nancy Glenn   I17590
37 ELLIS, Shirley Irene   I17591
38 FELL, Leslie William Alfred  1897Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I15617
39 FIELD, Leslie Joseph   I4512
40 MCMASTER, Geoffrey George   I20590
41 QUINN, Peter Ross   I5571


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASTILL, Maria  08 Sep 1922Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I34903
2 ATKINSON, Arthur Horton  19 Apr 1973Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4601
3 ATKINSON, Frank Lachlan  10 Feb 1941Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I987
4 ATKINSON, Joseph  11 Oct 1920Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4608
5 BEUZEVILLE, Arthur George  07 Nov 1922Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4531
6 BEUZEVILLE, Christine May  09 Jan 1957Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I29614
7 BEUZEVILLE, Edward John Leslie  29 Jun 1960Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4532
8 BEUZEVILLE, Elvie Gertrude  03 Feb 1976Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4534
9 BEUZEVILLE, Elvina Sophia Rose  05 Aug 1934Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4525
10 BEUZEVILLE, Ernest Charles  30 Nov 1964Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4527
11 BEUZEVILLE, Herbert Marshall  14 Jul 1921Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I745
12 BEUZEVILLE, Herbert Wilfred  15 Sep 1907Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4523
13 BEUZEVILLE, Maude Victoria  14 Sep 1920Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4533
14 BEUZEVILLE, Norman Scott  21 May 1978Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4530
15 BEUZEVILLE, Stanley Wellesley  14 Jul 1979Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4559
16 DUKES, Lydia  13 Jul 1967Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I5469
17 GUYMER, Bruce William  20 Jun 1994Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4577
18 O'SHEE, Eileen Marion  28 May 1991Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I6035
19 SCOTT, Sarah  01 Jan 1957Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I986
20 SCOTT, Sophia  19 Sep 1929Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I742
21 STRICKLAND, Reginald Garnet Wolsley  17 Apr 1960Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I6016
22 TROTH, Emily Elizabeth  30 May 1954Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4555
23 WILLIAMSON, Edith Brown  25 Oct 1965Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I3089


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ASTILL, Maria  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I34903
2 ATKINSON, Arthur Horton  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4601
3 ATKINSON, Daisy Myrtle  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4603
4 ATKINSON, Frank Lachlan  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I987
5 ATKINSON, Joseph  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4608
6 ATKINSON, May  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4578
7 BEUZEVILLE, Arthur George  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4531
8 BEUZEVILLE, Christine May  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I29614
9 BEUZEVILLE, Edward John Leslie  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4532
10 BEUZEVILLE, Elvie Gertrude  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4534
11 BEUZEVILLE, Elvina Sophia Rose  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4525
12 BEUZEVILLE, Ernest Charles  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4527
13 BEUZEVILLE, Ernest James Victor  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4556
14 BEUZEVILLE, Maud Adelaide Frances  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4558
15 BEUZEVILLE, Maude Victoria  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4533
16 BEUZEVILLE, Norman Scott  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4530
17 BEUZEVILLE, Stanley Wellesley  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4559
18 DARLEY, Maude Elizabeth Jane  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4602
19 DARLEY, Robert William  Oct 1935Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I34902
20 DUKES, Lydia  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I5469
21 GUYMER, Bruce William  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4577
22 HARRIS, Arthur  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I5503
23 O'SHEE, Eileen Marion  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I6035
24 OLSSON, Brett Cameron  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I3097
25 SCOTT, Sarah  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I986
26 STRICKLAND, James  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I2092
27 STRICKLAND, Reginald Garnet Wolsley  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I6016
28 TROTH, Emily Elizabeth  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I4555
29 WILSON, Prudence  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia I26735


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / STRICKLAND  1926Trundle, New South Wales, Australia F2815
2 BEUZEVILLE / ATKINSON  23 Apr 1919Trundle, New South Wales, Australia F2117
5 BEUZEVILLE / BENNETT  17 Aug 1946Trundle, New South Wales, Australia F2141
7 SYMONS / REARDON  30 Mar 1932Trundle, New South Wales, Australia F6937
8 WILCOX / WILLIAMSON  02 Feb 1910Trundle, New South Wales, Australia F1547